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Porsche Central and Eastern Europe presents “Court Supremes” by Radka Leitmeritz

Serving up the shots to celebrate the women of tennis

As the world closed-down for most of us in 2020 Czech-born photographer, Radka Leitmeritz found a way to open hers up by creating an exhibition driven by her greatest passions: photography, tennis, and the powerful and elegant figures of the players who have dominated the sportfor decades. The result is an ever-growing photography project that celebrates the women who play the game in Central Europe.

For the love of the craft

Radka is famous for her highly crafted photography that can be seen in the most prestigious fashion publications around the world such as: Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar amongst many others. She’s an avid tennis fan who has made a name for herself by breaking barriers and knocking down doors to change the way the world sees female tennis players.

“I’m trying to break the rules all the time,” Leitmeritz said. “I’m not primarily going for the typical action shots, because everyone is shooting action shots. I am aiming on sharing with the world the strength and elegance of these players, a constant balance between performance and feminity“. This cause has been clearly recognized with fans posting and tagging her photos with “WTA x Radka” and #HerTrueSelf.

Since the sport’s origins in Victorian England, a woman’s place has been on the tennis court. For nearly 150 years, women have been finding and revealing their power and potential on the tennis court, using the racquet as a key that can unlock doors across the world. Tennis transcends limited traditional notions of masculinity and femininity: women in tennis have proven themselves as stars and superheroes time and time again, with both beauty and brutality.

“In my dreams I was driving a classic Porsche and it fit so visually well to tennis. Porsche being the oldest sponsor of women tennis was a logical choice for me and I was very happy that we agreed on a cooperation with this very exciting project“, says Radka.
Competing against oneself is a virtue that is shared between Radka, the sport of tennis, and the Porsche brand, as are the values of performance, design, innovation, and aesthetics. All of which have come together to create a dynamic story that projects empowerment and highlights the mindset of constantly aiming to exceed ones own limits.

“The way Radka Leitmeritz approaches through her art the image of the strong women in tennis reflects very much the same reasons for which Porsche has been a sponsor of this sport since 1952. Her passion for her craft and the attention to details are also at the core of the Porsche brand. We look forward to developing the project further and to show the world the inspiring portraits of the strong women of tennis.” says Michael Müller, Managing Director Porsche Central and Eastern Europe.

The result is a constantly curated gallery with the latest portraits from the tennis world:

About the project

As the world stopped in 2020, Radka Leitmeritz, with Porsche Central and Eastern Europe as a partner, swung into action capturing the women of the sport she loves.

Leitmeritz starts out with the figures and backdrop of the Czech Republic, her homeland. Continental Europe has been a fertile ground for top women’s tennis talent for half-a-century, and its original perception of insurgent outsider has been replaced by that of dominant champion. Players from the region challenge old-guard powers from the Anglosphere like England, the United States and Australia; it’s their history, tradition and disruptive hunger that continues to drive theirsuccess.

Blending her background in fashion with her love for tennis and the superheroes it produced, Leitmeritz found women with whom she shares a cultural, athletic, and stylistic connection like Martina Navratilova, Victoria Azarenka, and Barbora Strycova, Maria Sakkari, Julia Görges, and Angelique Kerber.

Leitmeritz began her journey in a time of challenges, but also of opportunity. With the classic cathedrals of the sport closed to their congregations, the world’s best tennis players were free tobe put in whatever mise en scene Leitmeritz could imagine. Tennis players were no longer confined to conventional stadia, and so she was able to construct temples to these demigoddesses,celebrating both their supernatural strengths and all-too-human vulnerability. Every court is a stage, a catwalk, and a launching pad.

Porsche Tennis Grand Prix and the WTA

Held since 1978, and part of the WTA 500 tournaments is the oldest women’s indoor tournament in Europe. The tournament has been won by many former number ones and Grand Slam champions including those included in this photography project.Played on the innovative Conipur Pro Clay court, the event is held at the state-of-the-art Porsche Arena in Stuttgart, Germany with Porsche being the official sponsor since its inception.

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